International Regulatory Intelligence, the key to success in the modern pharmaceutical industry!

Thanks to the futuristic vision of our founder at Sanitary Intelligence, in the last decade we have specialized in complex, innovative and international projects!

Sanitary Intelligence International

Sanitary Intelligence International +13 years ago, a small multinational, the 1st company and corporate university created through master's and PhD degrees and which has become a boutique specialized in complex and innovative projects, especially in the area of biotechnology, biological medicines, rare diseases,oncology, medical devices, software as a medical devices, robotic surgery, etc.

We also develop technical and regulatory defenses, oral arguments in administrative proceedings, patentdisputes, recalls, legal proceedings mainly involving industries and regulatoryagencies at a global level.

Our Founder & CEO: a International Woman

As 1st and only PhD in the Regulatory Intelligence area in WorldWide, Dr Natália Bellan, Engineering, Pharmaceutical & Biochemistry, specializes in regulating companies and products, also develops technical and scientific presentations, meetings, congresses, technical defenses, to represent companies, associations, unions, regulatory agencies, 3th sector bodies in global level.

Thanks to its futuristic vision, and its concern to balance innovation, technology and regulation, she began her research & work in the area in mid-2005, at less than 30 years old, she was one of the youngest women to earn a PhD (2016) with MRes, while managing different industry projects, classes, writing articles and books for build the "New Science - Regulatory Intelligence with Business Strategy" in the most regulated and complex sector in the world!

Main languages: Spanish, Portuguese & English.

Sanitary Intelligence Consulting

Through Regulatory Intelligence and the methodology we have developed in recent years, we are able to provide strategic information on trends, enforcement actions, regulations, standards, guidelines and directives that impact our Clients' product/company throughout the cycle life of a product.

We also develop specific work for investors, chairmains, entrepreneurs, CEOs and Banks.

Sanitary Intelligence Scientific

We develop scientific research applied to the pharmaceutical industry (in compliance with international legislation) with the purpose of registering/approving new products in global level. Eg: scientific articles, participation in scientific conferences, etc.

Our Scientist has the highest degree (PhD) to work in several countries, and prove technical qualifications in the various inspection and/or audit processes (FDA, ANVISA, PMDA, CE, Europe, MDSAP).

Sanitary Intelligence Academy

We develop personalized courses for professionals and an International Regulatory mentoring programme for Executives/CEO/Board in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Sanitary Intelligence International is recognized by the Federal Council of Pharmacy in Brazil, according to publication CFF Decision No. 75.702/2022 – DOU 11/08/2022 and by the USP Innovation Agency (DNA USP).

Beginner, intermediate and advanced online courses -

See below:

Sanitary Intelligence Startups

We know the difficulty of starting a new company and innovating in the pharmaceutical area, after decades developing projects in Intelligence/Regulatory Strategy, Clinical Research, Marketing, Factory Certification, Trademarks and Patents, we diagnosed that many clients sought us out when they had already “invested” believing who were on the “right” path, but forgot about the regulatory requirements inherent to their product. Before you start, plan with someone who has experience and has already regulated small, medium and large companies in the sector!

Examples from companies/projects Leaded by Dr Natália Bellan.

We are spezialize in innovative and highly complex products and projects Eg.: medicines, biologics, vaccines, pain, oncology, rare diseases, medical devices, SAMD, IVD, Robotic, orthopedics, ophthalmology, neuroscience, quantum products, reference standard, pharmacopeia.

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