Mission, vision and values.

Our principles have always been based on Aristotle's theory (384 BC - 322 BC) on the construction of knowledge based on theoretical, practical and productive knowledge, and that is why many quality universities understand that teaching, research and extension are inseparable! Through a corporate company and university, we proved that yes, the theory is true, and you don't need to be inside a public educational institution to implement it, understand more below.

Mission/Vision: 2010-2023

(1) [Research] Support with own financing to develop the 1st Masters and PhD (Strictu Sensu) in Regulatory Affairs/Regulatory Sciences in the health area and create a new line of research by Dr Natália Bellan- officially concluded in 2013/2016 - see our publications area of the website.

(2) [Teaching] Promote/Multiply new knowledge and development through Strictu Sensu research for society and not only in academia, through books, courses (“latu sensu”), classes and lectures (in person and online) in different institutions, countries and languages (portuguese, spanish, italian and english) - concluded, it is currently possible to identify students, educational institutions and companies developing the new concepts developed in item “1” in different countries and selling recorded classes to this day, More than 3000 professionals were trained by Prof Dr Natália Bellan. .

(3) [Extension] Validate the regulatory intelligence methodology developed in item (1) regulating different categories of products, pharmaceutical industries and countries, in the last 13 years it has been implemented in dozens of industries and regulated thousands of products!

Our Mission/Vision: From 2024

[Business Strategy & Regulatory Intelligence] Collaborate in the regulation of innovative companies and products (especially medicines, biologicals, medical devices, MedTech, IVD, SAMD, combined products, quantum medicine, etc) and projects involving acquisition, merger, comarketing, EBITDA, Pipeline, Stock Market, jointventure,  Manufacturing & Global Operations an international level. From experience, due to the complexity and high level of confidentiality that these projects demand, we work EXCLUSIVELY for Manufacturers, CEOs, Investors, Holders, Shareholders, Chairmans or Board Members - and we do not outsource our services.

Brief definition of the new science we build: Regulatory Intelligence applied to the pharmaceutical industry.

Regulatory Intelligence, the methodology that we develop and we have validated it in different industries in the last 20 years, within the context of the industry that receives certifications/audits (FDA, CE, PMDA, etc.) is NOT CMC, MHA, QA, RA, QC, is NOT a data software or an excel spreadsheet, is NOT compliance, It’s NOT Sanitary Law, Public Health, Deontology, Trademark and Patent Law, is the gathering of different multidisciplinary knowledge and real experiences to be able to obtain a systemic view of the entire life cycle of a company and/or product, to work with an impact strategy in a short, medium and long-term business, it must be inserted Together with the administrative council and the side of the entrepreneur/CEO, and contrary to what many think, in a large multinational, it does not replace a CEO, CFO or any other member of the board, it provides security so that the company continues to prosper accordingly with new international regulatory requirements, especially those that work with innovation & pipelines.

Our History - International Woman

Sanitary Intelligence, a company founded +13 years ago and led by a single woman with a futuristic vision who was just 24 years old... Discover our History...


Respect for universal laws, human, copyright and intellectual rights. Act with ethics, compliance, respect diversity, dignity and value meritocracy. Recognition and valuing new professional and business talents. Work with the principle of prosperity and abundance through teaching, research and extension. Motivate the conjugation of the verb “to be” and not the verb “to have” or “to appear to be”, as excellence and innovation are built on strong pillars!

Excellence and innovation are built on strong pillars!

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