Thanks to an innovative and futuristic vision, Sanitary Intelligence began to be officially structured in 2010 and became an international company based in the American and European continent founded with private capital originating exclusively from the work and intellectual knowledge developed by its founder since 2005. In the period 2010-2023, it completed strategic activities to introduce new knowledge into the international market “Regulatory Intelligence / Regulatory Sciences”, and validate a new business strategy methodology in compliance with international legislation applied to the pharmaceutical/health area with the aim of provide financial and real-time planning to obtain satisfactory results and adequate profits for investors, boards, CEOS, Executives, employer, employees, etc. Especially projects involving innovation, startups, joint ventures, healthcare technologies, which is the most complex and regulated sector in the world! As well as building an international scientific and business network.

Note: It is worth mentioning that the area of medicines/vaccines is exclusive to pharmacists and depending on the type of medtech product, other qualifications may be accepted, so in addition to our founder being the 1st PhD in the area, she also brings together the best qualifications required by international legislation, because she is an engineer & pharmaceutical-biochemist!

See some examples of work we have already carried out specifically for investors/chairmains/entrepreneurs.

Before Making the Decision

Companies and businesses in the pharmaceutical/health sector, for example, acquisition, sale of brands, co-marketing, distribution/import agreements, preparation for stock market listing, strategy to increase company shares, formation of a new company or construction of a new factory, transfer of ownership, require knowledge in the financial/accounting area and mainly in the technical, regulatory and marketing area. Before investing or signing a new contract, carry out a technical and regulatory analysis with Sanitary Intelligece.

Pharmaceutical Market Analysis

Through the innovative regulatory intelligence methodology, it is possible to carry out robust analyzes for the financial market and investors. Does everyone know the time and minimum technical and regulatory conditions for a company to transform a "pipeline" into a licensed product capable of being sold in different countries? The pharmaceutical sector is the most complex and regulated in the world and its investments are high and have long-term returns, thus demanding a thorough analysis by a qualified and experienced professional!

Invest in Sanitary intelligence

Innovation and excellence are built on strong pillars and work with a short, medium and long-term strategic vision! Are you an investor or your group of investors interested in investing in an international, innovative company that works with different categories of products/services in the healthcare area (medicines, biologicals, combined products, Medical Devices, MedTech, SAMD, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, active ingredients, laboratories, hospitals, etc)? Contact us!

Sanitary Intelligence, founded +13 years ago by a International Woman with a futuristic vision who was just 24 years old...

How can we apply Regulatory Intelligence?

Why are we unique and rare?

A jewel, it brings together the main materials of nature such as gold, diamond and jade. Over the years, the 1st scientist in the world, Dr Natália Bellan, granddaughter of a goldsmith and designer, built the new science and implemented it in different industries and countries, she did not give up when everyone tried to stop her from continuing. In 2001 she was already EngTech and passionate about the properties of metal alloys and precious stones, some of these materials are used in surgical materials. She gathered the best from each area and country, carefully polished the "jewel" of the modern pharmaceutical industry: "Regulatory Intelligence & Business Strategy" and she learned that each project is unique, sometimes we must be more malleable like gold , sometimes more resistant and persistent like jade, and sometimes harder like diamond. Especially when working with innovation in healthcare, the most complex and regulated sector in the world!

Our Philosophy

We believe that it is possible to innovate, prosper, bring profits to our customers and investors in a sustainable way, with transparency, in compliance with international regulations, respecting universal laws and human rights!

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